Decentral Art Pavilion

Art Exhibition


0.14 The Beginning

Date Tuesday 7th of June
Time 6.30 PM
Location Live on Twitter
Hosted by Florencia S.M. Brück, Javier Krasuk, Robert Alice & Mitchell F. Chan
Speakers: Rhea Myers, Simon Denny, Sarah Meyohas and Kevin McCoy

0.14 The Beginning: A conversation between the curator of the ‘0.14’ Decentral Art Pavilion’s section Robert Alice and the OGs of the NFT Art field selected by him to be showcased in the first-ever decentralized pavilion in the history of the Venice Art Biennale.
This talk aims, as well as the exhibition, to show to the public some of the pivotal pieces that started the NFT Art movement and it also aims to retrace how these artists have shaken the contemporary art world.

Find all the artworks here:

Listen to the recorded talk here:
ALTERNATIVE SPACES: 0.14 The Beginning