Decentral Art Pavilion

Art Exhibition



Date Saturday 28th of May
Time 5.30 PM
Location Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, Venice + Live on Twitter
Moderator Nassib Ghannam
Speakers Davide Sgherri (D&G), Amber Jae Stoolen (The fabricant), Gala Marija (Tribute), Patricio Rubinstein & Leina Kaddouri (Luxe Dressing)

Innovation in the Digital fashion NFT space from the perspective of one of the top global high fashion brands

The special Luxury, Fashion & NFT weekend at Palazzo Giustinian Lolin within the Decentral Art Pavilion has been paired with Fashion and Luxury Talks on May 28th: the participating brands joined our roundtable to discuss the state of the digital fashion and NFT industry, how they see the space evolving and what will be their role in the future of digital fashion/NFT industry. Featuring leaders from Dolce&Gabbana, The Tribute brand, The Fabricant and Luxe Dressing, among others.

Listen to the recorded talk here:
ALTERNATIVE SPACES: Innovation in the Digital fashion NFT space