Decentral Art Pavilion

Digital Art Exhibition


Mitosis: WMN supporting WMN

Date Saturday 11th of June
Time 8 PM
Location Live on Twitter
Co-hosted by AKQA
Speakers Renderfruit, Stasienko and Soulimmix

Mitosis Preview at Decentral Art Pavilion
From 5% to fairness: this weekend at Decentral Art Pavilion, AKQA offers a preview of Mitosis – the first NFT collaborative collection aimed to onboard 50 WMN emerging and established artists.

Time and time again, we are told that NFTs are democratising the art world.
Yet there is a key part often left out: that is only true for some.
Female artists account for just 5% of all NFT sales in 2021. That’s unfathomably small. Yet as the market booms, the problem only grows. We urgently need a movement to raise awareness, bridge the gap, and realise the utopia: to create a fairer creative world through technology.

It is with this objective in mind that we created Mitosis, a space for WMN supporting WMN. A space powered by WMN artists, a soon-to-be-announced DAO, by AKQA, and all of the partnering allies like Decentral Art Pavilion.
This project is about empowering a community that is constantly growing and evolving. It is a lively ecosystem that outlives a single stunt, giving WMN the tools they need to succeed: through a community platform, financial support, education, and collective collaboration. We’re spotlighting some of the most established NFT artists alongside some of the most exciting emerging artists to be stronger together. Because together, our impact
ripples further.

Listen to the dedicated talk that took place on Saturday 11th at 8.00 PM on Decentral Art Pavilion Twitter Space.

Listen to the recorded session here: