Decentral Art Pavilion

Digital Art Exhibition


Women in Crypto

Date Thursday 9th of June
Time 7 PM CEST
Location Live on Twitter
Moderated by Florencia S.M. Brück & Nassib Ghannam
Speakers: Aline d’Ambricourt CEO and Founder of GEM XR, Courtney & Blake from Queens Of The Night & Iris LuckySloth

Time and time again, we’re told that NFTs are democratising the world of art. But a key part is often untold: that this is only true for some.

Female artists account for just 5% of all NFT sales in 2021—an unfathomably small percentage. And yet, as the market booms, the problem merely grows. We urgently need a movement to raise awareness, bridge the gap, and realise the utopia: to create a fairer creative world through technology.

The weekend is a territory designed for open discussion and creative optimism: putting the future of female digital artists at the front and centre of the conversation.

We believe in a future built on equality, mentorship, and representation for all.

Women in Crypto is an exciting talk where the speakers, women who actively work within the Crypto & NFT field, empowered the DAP public with their stories!

Listen to the recorded talk here: