Decentral Art Pavilion

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Decentral Art Pavilion | Art Night

Saturday the 18th of June 2022


For the past two months, the Decentral Art Pavilion established a dialogue with the art public showcasing how the traditional art world started and developed its relationship with the NFT field.

These eight weeks full of art, people and technology are coming to an end for the Venetian audience. To say goodbye to the City of Canals, the Decentral Art Pavilion is proud to announce its Art Night event: a night entirely dedicated to Art and NFTs. To crown this incredible experience and promulgate, once again, the Pavilion’s mission to educate, engage and enthral the public about this fast-evolving creative dominion fostering a dialogue around NFTs and their impact on mainstream art.

The prestigious venue of Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, which is hosting 0.14 and Singularity exhibitions, will extend its opening hours till midnight on the occasion of the Art Night on Saturday the 18th of June 2022.

The event will include, in addition to free guided tours for spectators, the unmissable opportunity to participate in the interactive artwork ‘Out of Body’ conceived and created by the artist Florencia S.M. Brück.

The visits will start from the courtyard of the Giustinian Lolin palace and allow visitors to enjoy a unique experience of its kind: discovering NFT Art in the evocative setting of the Venetian night.

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‘Out of Body’ by Florencia S.M. Brück

With NFTs, we are able to crystallize unique performances, and own what otherwise would be intangible, Blockchain technology may propel performance art into a new age, as it has done in the visual art market.

Part of Florencia’s artistic expression deals with the concept of the perception of time together with the theme of death and parallel universes. The “Out-of-Body” installation was unveiled as a generative artwork where a visual algorithm divides the human form into two spectra to recreate an experience the artist had of autoscopy when she drowned in a swimming pool when she was just 5 years old. This is a fascinating installation in which the figure of the person interacting with the work becomes recognizable and transforms the art experience into a spiritual one.

Her thinking stems from research into the behaviour of human beings in the age of new media and new social awareness.

“I seek to navigate the confluence of art, awareness and technology. To express and question the tension that exists in the dialogue between the Human, the Artificial and Nature”.
— Florencia S.M. Brück