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Have the chance to own a piece of Vogue’s history.

Have the chance to own a piece of Vogue’s history through these three emblematic and iconic covers from Vogue Portugal.

Iconic” issue that marked the relaunch of Vogue Portugal in October 2017; the “Freedom on Hold” cover, the image that reflects an era and that will forever remain for posterity as a testament to the times when a face mask was the accessory du jour; and the”Fairytale” cover, the latest issue of the magazine on newsstands and which gains a prominent place here not only for its beauty, but also because, at a time when the world is not really a fairy tale, it will always be possible to believe in magic. Vogue Portugal debuts its first NFTs at Decentral Art Pavilion’s exhibition “Luxury, Fashion and NFTs” event in Venice. The three unique historic NFT covers are up for auction on Foundation. Own a piece of fashion and art history

The Fashion NFT exhibition at Palazzo Giustinian Lolin within the Decentral Art Pavilion will be paired with a Fashion and Luxury Talk on May 28th: the participating brands will join our Alternative Spaces roundtable to discuss about the state of the digital fashion and NFT industry, how they see the space evolving and what will be their role in the future of digital fashion/NFT industry. Featuring leaders from Dolce&Gabbana, The Tribute brand, The Fabricant and Luxe Dressing, among others.

Fashion and Luxury Weekend organized by Florencia S.M. Bruck, Diego Lijtmaer, Federica Ferranti, Javier Krasuk and Simone Furian.

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