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Streeth x Decentral Art Pavilion Metaverse x ArtBasel Miami

STREETH Curated ArtWalls x Decentral Art Pavilion Metaverse x Art Basel Miami 2022

STREETH is proud to present its inaugural curated street art NFT collection, with art cherry-picked from some of the finest street artists in the world, during Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 as part of Decentral Art Pavilion’s Curatorial Program.

The STREETH Origin NFT Edition collection, which spans five ArtWalls and Monitors in the Decentral Art Pavillion’s (DAP) Metaverse ( has been curated by STREETH and will be launched today during Art Basel, Miami Beach.

STREETH’s exhibit showcases for the first time four NFT artworks originated from original masterpieces created by four renowned street artists, and a selection of NFTs of various rarities from STREETH’s Genesis NFT Collection, Streethers []. The exhibit features alongside art from some of the most notorious names in the NFT space like Beeple, Artblocks, Trevor Jones and many others.

The identities of the street artists and their respective artworks curated by STREETH in the DAP Metaverse will be revealed in the coming hours - after which, STREETH’s curated artwork collection will be open for private offers.

Moreover, STREETH will also organise a series of special live events in the DAP Metaverse, starting during Art Basel Miami, dedicated to celebrating how street art and Web3 beautifully intertwine when physical meets digital.