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Announcing the Launch of the DAP Museum Vault Collection: A Celebration of Digital Art

We are delighted to announce the launch of the DAP Museum Vault Collection – an exclusive assembly of transformative digital artworks, ready to be unveiled at the Decentral Art Pavilion’s 2024 digital exhibition. This curated collection, rich in diversity and creativity, is a reflection of the vitality of the digital art movement that continues to shape our world in unprecedented ways.

Mavericks Release x Decentral Art Pavilion SuperRare Spaces

Announcing the launch of the next SuperRare Space ?

@dartpavilion brings transcultural contemporary art in partnership with curators, galleries and art institutions from around the world.

Check out their Space live now on SuperRare.
Decentral Art Pavilion’s inaugural exhibition “Mavericks: Warriors, Fighters and Badass Goddesses of the Verse” curated by XX NFT.


Fashion and Luxury NFTs take center stage at Decentral Art Pavilion
May 27 – 29, Venice
Dolce&Gabbana, The Fabricant, Tribute Brand, IoDF, RED DAO and others join for a historic weekend to showcase the most iconic Digital Fashion NFTs and discuss the future of fashion and luxury.